About Us

  Changxing KIND Clothing Material Co., Ltd is located in Changxing, Zhejiang Province of China,KIND is specializing in providing complete collection of woven and nonwoven fusible interlinings, KIND have its own advanced spinning……


  Coende garment materials Co., Ltd. has interlining branch and water jet weaving branch. Interlining branch has 3 domestic leading two-point interlining coating machines. As one of the first domestic mature manufacturers using two-point technology, the company has been committed to improving the production process and product quality since its establishment for more than ten years.


  We have set up Beijing Sales Company and Shenzhen sales company to serve our customers quickly. We provide exclusive services for langzi, Wichita, Huading, Huasi, UNIQLO, Zara, LiLang, Qili, yelia, Yinger, beloan, masfield and other brands.